Summertime is here! Who wouldn’t be excited and want to take a break, pave their way to the river, and have a refreshing dip or swim? Or to make things more fun and thrilling, go for adrenaline-packed adventures, such as river tubing and zipline tours an hour away from Kingsport, TN, with your friends and family.

However, before you head off on these amazing adventures of a lifetime, there are a few things you have to do. Remember that it is not bad to have fun; just make your safety your priority! Here is a list of things to do and not do:


  • Accessories to Bring
    The first things you have to bring with you for any outdoor activity are the necessary accessories. This includes waterproof bags for your valuables. You won’t be having that much fun if you accidentally drop or lose your phone, camera, or wallet on the water. Also, make sure to bring a Type 3 life jacket. As to why you should choose Type 3, this jacket keeps you upright, which is suitable for river-tubing. Don’t forget your sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and water shoes. And lastly, do not forget a medicine kit!


  • Pack Enough Supply

    When going for outdoor activities, be sure that you have packed enough food and water supplies. Remember that you are going on outdoor adventures, and there won’t be any stopovers in the wild where you can buy food or water supplies! It will be completely embarrassing to bother anyone on the tour just to ask for some food. Also, carry only what is necessary for your adventure.

  • Be Extra Cautious 
    Adventures are really fun; however, be sure that you have secured your valuables. When stopping by the riverbanks, you have to be extra careful and alert. Snakes can inhabit the rocks. You also have to be watchful for possible encounters with bears and other animals in the wild. 



Have you ever wondered why it is prohibited to go river-tubing with a new tattoo? That is because you will only invite bacteria into your open wounds! So, it is advisable not to go for any swims yet and perhaps schedule your next adventure when you are healed.

  • Don’t Tie Your River Tubes Together
    River-tubing with your buddies is fun; however, tying your tubes together is not fun at all. If you have seen other people do it and it seems harmless, it’s actually not safe! This will only cause unwanted accidents.

  • Don’t Float Sideways When Going Downstream
    Another thing you should not do is float sideways when you are heading downstream. It is dangerous, and you might capsize easier and get caught with protruding tree roots and other health hazards. 

  • Don’t Leave Your Trash
    It is fine to bring snacks and food with you on your adventures and zipline tours near Kingsport, TN; however, do not leave your trash anywhere. Pieces of trash can be hazardous to marine life, especially if they make their way to the ocean. Do not bring Styrofoam or glass items with you.


  • Don’t Drink
    They say that it is no fun at all without having some hard drinks. However, being intoxicated while river-tubing will only increase the risk of getting yourself in trouble.


Remember that in any outdoor adventures you want to turn into memorable experiences, you always have to put your safety first. Bring the necessary stuff with you and follow the rules and regulations. To book our thrilling adventures here at Hungry Mother Outdoor Adventures, reach us at 276-780-3432. River-tubing in Kingsport, Tennessee, is fun, and you need not worry if you happen to forget your river tube; there are available river-tube rentals around Kingsport, TN.




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